12/02/13 – A Fight For Emily


I had a very nice Thanksgiving. Saw family, had good conversation, good food. Hope you had the same.

Oh, and I went to see “Frozen,” and found it very entertaining. I like seeing kids movies on opening day, because it’s packed with kids, and all the children in the theater are restless and laugh at the wrong points and are awed by it. I think it reminds me to stay young a bit (although, that is something I don’t really have a huge problem with, I suppose).

Spacetrawler book #3 will be arriving this afternoon (Monday), and so I’ve cleared my plate for this week and I’ll be working every day all day until I get these out (and, cross our fingers, to you before Christmas).

Oh, and want a cool Advent Calendar of SCIENCE? Here is an excellent one put up by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

And lastly, again, if you’re doing holiday shopping, I have merchandise at Topatoco (ST Book #3 will be added there in January), including: Spacetrawler books 1-2, Little Dee, Bruno, etc at my Topatoco Store.

Annnnd, you can still buy Spacetrawler book #3 signed or doodled and I will ship it off when I ship the rest from the KS over the next couple weeks, just visit my Shopstarter store.

Annnnd also and IF you’re planning to shop at Amazon, please enter Amazon via my banner at the top of the page. Or here: Amazon. I receive a percentage and so it’s all win-win.


  1. Seth

    @Jordan: Emily’s holding an Idiot Ball too. She keeps waltzing unarmed into situations where she gets threatened and beaten up and accused of murder. And she seems to think it’s funny.

  2. Muzhik

    @Seth, Emily isn’t holding an Idiot Ball, not by a long shot. She’s the Sam-Spade-Film-Noir version of Natalia Romanova, aka “Black Widow” from The Avengers. She has this ability to get the bad guys monologuing until she can sus out what their nefarious plans are.

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