12/11/13 King’s Showdown


I am madly buried in fulfilling Spacetrawler Kickstarter orders. Up til midnight each night. Should have them all out this week though.

And so… today I present: pencils. To be colored and inked probably next week. (the originally posted pencils here)


  1. Nomi

    Wait, and now Emily’s headed for space without a suit, on the outside of a ship? Or…. I guess she could just use her super coyote gas, er, jetpack coat, to get off there before escaping atmosphere. But she did say “I’m not leaving until…”

  2. Christopher

    @Nomi & @Dkkauwe, one of the problems of it being uncolored. The ship is in it’s bay like many others, it leaves into a larger passage which leads to space. So, she’s not in space yet. She will take precautions. 🙂

  3. TB

    Another area where color would help: it looks like Emily is trying to get through a door mounted on a ramp enclosed by an open trusswork of girders that she could just climb through. Am I correct in thinking there’s glass there, or something clear?

  4. Palle

    Yeah King, that shot was way off. It seems like you couldn’t even hit the ship she was standing in front of.
    So not only do you have Emily lecturing you about love and friendship and the quality of your goons, now you’re going to have her pestering you to do more target practice as well.

  5. Muzhik

    The first thing King needs to do is work on his stance. I’m thinking a Modern Isosceles might work best for him, partly because using two tentacles would give him better balance and prevent that “pull” to the right he has; and partly because according to the “Cornered Cat” website, “Isosceles stance works well for those with eye dominance issues …” Given the number of “eyes” King has, I’d hate to have to figure out which is the dominant one.

  6. Christopher

    @Xyxz, apologies. After madly wrapping up fulfillinf Kickstarter orders in early-mid December, I realized I had to put all my energies into drawing the Girl Genius Fill-In and then developing “One Way” for imminent release, and then I went to Albuquerque. Won’t be back to the physical drawing desk until late January (I’m still working full-time here, but all-digital). Cheers! -c

  7. xyxz

    Thanks. I’ll stop refreshing for a while then 😛
    “One way” has already taken “Spacetrawlers” spot in my RSS (near GG). Thanks for all the awesome comics!

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