12/16/13 Hitching A Ride


Another one in black & white. Sorry about that. I’ve been up until midnight every night for the past week-and-a-half packaging orders for the Kickstarter. I really need to hire some elves next time, maybe I’ll talk to Santa. Anyhow, down to the last bunch. Am still hoping I might have them out by end-of-day Monday, but we’ll see. (the originally posted pencils here)

I did go out Saturday night. A friend had a night of sitting around a fireplace, reading poetry and essays, doodling, and snacks and drinks. It started right around when the blizzard hit, which made it extra cozy, and since her house was only 10 minutes away, I’d walked there and had a lovely midnight walk home in a half foot of still-swirling snow. It was nice to have a break from work for a few hours to go to such goodness.

Also, because of the orders, I’ve missed the last two model-drawing sessions. but since this was a night of reading and doodling, I doodled my friend’s living room mantle. Good times.


  1. Jonesy

    @Coyoty and in the morning they really feel it :3 small dudes hitting your head with miniature mallets.

    So in panel #9 Emily uses the weakened gravity and ship’s acceleration to fly while running. Damn, I wanna do that.


    Yay! I got my artist doodled book in the mail on Saturday, right before I went out to the latest Hobbit movie before the blizzard hit. Talk about your good days! I asked for Dimitri shocking himself with a stun gun and you didn’t disappoint. Awesome Christopher, thank you.

  3. Muzhik

    @Christopher, wow. How did I possibly know that? It’s like I must be psychic or something.

    (Suzu-chan! Get down from there! You know you don’t belong on the counter! Don’t make me come over there!)

  4. Christopher

    @JPTHUNK, yer welcome! 🙂
    @RedDwarfIV, and once it’s inked, washed, and colored, it will simply look like a spaceship. Neat!
    @Egypt Urnash, exactly! And the background models can be sloppy, because I fix ’em up when inking.

  5. Christopher

    @xyxz, Ha! How could I forget. Yes. Will be done. This week I’m finishing up the Girl Genius pages, and shipping out the final push of Spacetrawler books. So, next week it SHOULD be done.

    I’ve been insanely busy. Trust me. I have not been just sluffing this off. 🙂

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