8/24/16 A Ship Re-Cometh



Hello, and still welcome back! All week. Next week you’ll be asked to hang your own coat and help in the kitchen.



  1. IAmIgor

    This page is similar to a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin is doing the watering and lording it over the plants. There Calvin is trumped by rain, where here you have a spaceship land and squash as trump.

    1. TB

      I assume you could wash a spaceship pretty much anywhere you could wash a large boat or other vehicle. It’s not like you need special soap for spaceship hulls. Except maybe Shuttle tiles.

  2. @IAmIgor, I loved that strip. I enjoyed using the skeleton of that concept for another purpose though, to re-enforce the theme of Spacetrawler: just when you think you have power/control over something, “thooomp.”

    @Coyoty, well, there WAS non-human darkhuenium mining being done on the far side of uranus.

    @EvilMidnightLurker, thank you for catching that! I couldn’t set it until I’d designed the site and then uploaded the first strip (this weekend) and then forgot! Updated now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    August 24, 2016 at 1:46 am

    Our solar system has a shipwash? Are we no longer a dark planet? โ€œVisit rustic Earth, home of Russian tea cookies!โ€

    If it does we didn’t put it there. Probably at one of the galactic stops I’d say. And he was being sarcastic to the man anyway.

  4. Z2

    You know, I didn’t especially think this comic was my favorite; but I’ve read it three times and now that I find out it’s back I’m literally vibrating with glee, so it must be pretty high on the list.

    in other words:


  5. Muzhik

    @Coyoty, well, there WAS non-human darkhuenium mining being done on the far side of Uranus.

    Now that Earth has a seat on the GOB, are we at least getting a cut of the darkhuenium profit? (Tucked away safely in some trust fund account, no doubt, next to Dimitri’s profits from his Russian Tea Cakes.)

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