8/29/16 Ecuador Vacation





  1. 19 years. That would make Mauricio an adult. And Nogg has some reason to visit Zorilla and mention an 19-year-old Mauricio. He’s either going to tell Zorilla another story that will frame this chapter, or he wants Zorilla to come and straighten out his kid.

    1. mouse

      19 years old at most. 19 years since Zorilla saw Nogg. One presumes he grieved a while for his daughter before going on vacation (however spry he felt), and then there is usually a 9-month waiting period….Mauricio could be a sullen teen. I’m sure the galaxy would be _thrilled_ to have us subject it to one of those.

  2. Ytodd

    I am so glad you’re continuing to work on this universe/story.

    I really like all your work ; but let’s be honest :
    Spacetrawler is one of the best Webcomic out there on the internet.

    Like top 5. Easy.

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