9/26/16 Paid Passage




Posting this right before hitting the road to drive to Colorado. Once there, I can finally breathe and attend to all the things that have been sidelines as I’ve been getting ready. Whoot! The open road!


    1. andreas

      Well, clearly he can’t keep track of offspring…

      Also, Mr. Zorilla himself is related to his daughter, which apparently is enough of a (flimsy) basis for recruitment for some folk.

      I’m sure with Mr. Zorilla on the diplomatic team, the warring factions in the faraway arm of the galaxy will quickly agree to cease hostilities and embark on a new era of cooperation*.

      * in order to rush-build and send an interstellar attack fleet to Mr. Zorilla’s return-address. But I’m sure Nogg will save us?

    1. Muzhik

      @0z79, Think of it like “Steely Dan” — only two guys in the group, really, with the balance fleshed out with anyone who happened to be hanging around the studio and needed gas money.

  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Yes we humans are just so full of inquiry and hands on an taking over things for ourselves. Good thing we are still infantile in matters of space travel. But should we get a cheap FTL drive watch out!

  2. TB

    “Plus, four is easier to draw than six.”

    Too bad this is all a flashback. I would have paid money to see Mr. Zorilla in a Venom-style attack suit.

    “Ha! I have ALL the cookies now!”

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