11/28/16 Vocations




Am house-sitting for a sweet and super-soft cat, and a geriatric dog. Keeping me busy between drawing.

Cedra will join me later this week, which means I’ve been drawing all day, and on until “midnight” when I can no longer focus. Pushing to get some solid “full days” in while I have nothing better to do. And when I can’t leave the house for more than a half hour with the dog in the age he’s in (the adorable little thing).

Happy Monday.


  1. MattStriker

    I suspect I know what Hwan’s issue is. He’s the result of somebody IRL putting themselves through the kind of martial arts training from hell fictional heroes are supposed to have.

    Which is the kind of thing that’ll work for a while until the injuries and stresses add up and you end up dependent on painkillers at 30.

  2. War Pig

    Dogs are a reminder to ourselves that we, too, will age and become incontinent and dependent, in time. We get to see our dogs as puppies, awkward teens, adults, then creaky and finally, geriatric. We owe dogs a great thanks for preparing us for the end and how to accept it.

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