12/05/16 Mauricio’s Reception




I just watched “Elf” finally. Only 13 years late. It was sweet. But had some homemade chili, a fire in the fireplace, my gal by my side, which made it totally sweet. Yup, holidays are around us. Yesterday the neighbor invited us over for mulled cider — with a spike of caramel vodka. I sent off holiday cards (which I drew, because I’m all artsy like that). And at the local weekend market in town, we were recruited to decorate for the annual yule log hunt celebration up in the park.

Oh, and the Anna Galactic are packaged and ready to ship. Should take two days to get them all out (usually it would take longer, in order to not have the post office hate me, but the local postal person has been super sweet and we’ve arranged it all. Ah, small towns).

Oh, and we’re learning Spanish. Today we read Thomas the Tank Engine in “Feliz Cumpleanos.” Despite the optimistic title, it is a rather sad story, where you really fear for the neglect and hurt heart that Thomas is experiencing, but, thank goodness, it all works out in the end! Phew! Now we just need more kind Spanish books.


  1. War Pig

    Fastest way to learn Spanish is to spend time in a Spanish-speaking country. I can cuss fluently in Spanish as a result of an exchange program with the Spanish MOE (Masndo de Operaciones Especiales). Sergeants the world over share a lot of things. They all speak three languages: Their native language, profanity and sarcasm. Russian, Spanish, German, American, Canadian, British – all the same.

    If you can find it, try Crème Brûlée Vodka. I think Blue Ice Vodka makes it. Put a jigger of that in a cup of hot joe, hot cocoa or hot cider and it’ll change your outlook on life for the better.

  2. Jonesy

    After getting shanghai’d by an alien like Nogg I would be more shocked to see other people coming to visit me. After all, 48 hours prior I wouldn’t even know there are other sentient lifeforms out there.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    He may be a herder of alpaca, but he has inherited aspects of personality that could work for him in astonishing ways. It all depends on the conditions around him. And we have a good idea what conditions lie ahead.

  4. Muzhik

    It’s interesting how all the people around him (beginning with Huan) are telling about all these great and brave characteristics that they see in him that he never knew he had. It’s things like that which tend to make these characteristics appear when needed.

  5. Z2

    They are going to give that man a complex; and their expectations and badgering are going to push him away from all the virtues he shares with Martina. FFS, at least offer the man some space alpacas before placing your burdens on him.

  6. gyffes

    I read books to my son in french and spanish (my best languages) and some of the most interesting were: Where the Wild Things Are (Donde viven los monstruos), Monkey has lost his banana (El mono a perdu sa banane — which does side by side english and [alternate language]), and several seussian tales (of which the best is Green Eggs and Ham — it doesn’t try to keep the original language and instead you get “no me gusta nada los huevos verde con jamon, no me gusta nada, Juan Ramon!” Your local bookstore should be able to bring many in, although teh interwebz also works…

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