12/26/16 Devyat’s Family




Is it really the last week of the year?

just drove across Texas, high on Christmas candy. Wheeehewwww


    1. Efogoto

      Hey, I had to go back to get the name of the approxiscan, and then I read Book 4 again (28 pages doesn’t take long), and now I’m wondering if you’ll wrap four in with five when you put out the book because I have dead tree copies of the first three, and my shelf is very sad to not have four. You don’t want to be responsible for a morose shelf, do you?

  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Devyat or deviate–clever as always. love the comic, your writing and drawing are all things I like here. Why I have been here since 2010 and plan to stay as long as you will. I do like seeing the characters interact and show us development of their personalities over time.

    I also liked the Left Field throw that seeming aliens are derived from the human genome. And that we can mate with them.

  2. Jonesy

    So, we’ve got a gal skilled with cat burglary, an alcohol-resistant semi-russian, two guys to provide mucle, Hillary-ish brain and an unwilling hero with a deadly weapon. And we have a huge amount of backstory already told to us. This sequel is going to be frigging nuts!

  3. Nice to meet you at last, Devyat.
    It’s certainly very rude to ask, but I’m very curious: do you (and the eebs) have something akin to a mouth under that scarf? Or do you use other parts of your body to produce sound and to eat?

  4. Jude

    Commenting as I’m rereading the newer series (what there is so far). I like how you combined Eeb and Russian characteristics to get Devyat – skin colour half-way between Dmitri and Red-9, a faded pink babushka combining a Russian headscarf with the shawl collar on a Eeb’s coat, a coat the same colour as Ebbs’ and thicker antennae. I think we’ll all end up being very happy with the way Devyat’s personality unfolds.

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