12/28/16 Bikkie’s Proclivity




Cedra and I have been house-sitting on a camel farm. This is Bunni (pronounced “boonie”) being adorable. I took a hot shower at the end of the day.



  1. Knicholas

    Awesome. I don’t know what Bikkie’s fate will be but I hope it is a happy one. With lots of females to mate with.

    You know, had it not been for the photo, I would have assumed that “house-sitting on a camel farm” was some sort of euphemism.

    1. Muzhik

      It would have to be one of the singers from “The Beastie Boys”. When I see Bikkie scream “Blood!” the voice I hear is from the song “Sabotage” used in the fight scene in “Star Trek Beyond.”

      Which brings up another possible career path for Bikkie — punk rocker.

  2. Muzhik

    I just noticed the bar-bot’s “claw” (pincer, whatever) handing Bikkie his beer in panel 10. I have this image of bar-bot using his “extendible arm” to be standing about 6 feet away when providing Bikkie his refreshing beverage. You really don’t want to be standing within arm’s reach of a marauding marsupial.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Yes Kangaroo males bat each other around with their fore paws and rear on their tails and kick shit out of you or an opponent. Always wanted to show one branch as reaching sapience yet still use the old rear back-kick in a fight. Thank you for giving us the low down on what a male kangaroo would say should they be translated.

    1. Muzhik

      @Night-Gaunt, as far as using their feet in a fight, I imagine that if it ever got to that point, both males would be sentenced to community service and anger management classes. One of the many disadvantages of civilization. “Why would God give us these feet and claws if He didn’t mean for us to use them against that dry cleaner who ruined my favorite dinner jacket?”

      As for the translation of what Bikkie said, it’s like what I said earlier about a career for Bikkie: punk rocker. Bikkie could be the next Sid Vicious.

  4. Peter Rogan

    Wall Street could use Bikkie. And I mean that in both an afferent and an efferent sense.

    Now I’m hearing John Leguizamo’s voice screaming at the seminar: “BLOOD is good!” Forget Gordon Gecko. Meet… The Feet.

  5. Scott

    I’m not entirely certain yet…but Bikkie might be the funniest character you’ve ever written. I keep catching myself thinking of….”Bloood”!
    That’s a face I’d consider for my first tatoo

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