01/04/17 Flirting




Driving driving. I had thought we’d be staying a while in NE Texas, but instead unexpectedly suddenly heading to Colorado. But, every free minute here and there i worked on the strips for this week. And holy crow, I wouldn’t have guessed it, but I managed to get them done. Probably the saving grace was that I happened to have written them last week while I still had full sanity. On the road all day tomorrow, which is why I’m writing this blog at 1:57pm on Tuesday morning. Whee!

Okay. Off to sleep. Wake me in morning drivey time.


      1. andreas

        Not to nitpick, but… Krep is holding it up to the viewer, not to the other protagonists?

        So I also got the “I was eating this but now I guess I’ll try stuffing it into my ear” vibe ;-).

        Ah, Krep’s not fooling anyone, he knows what’s coming and he also knows he won’t be able to not care (again).

  1. Herandar

    1:57 PM on a Tuesday morning? You’ve broken through the known boundaries of Time and Space, man!! Congratulations!!! Now, shuffle ahead to the weekend, and tell me which numbers win the big lottery on Saturday no later than this Thursday. Okay, thanks!

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