01/02/17 Who Goes Down




Here we are. 2017. Today’s strip feels very much like a “New Years” theme. Funny, a good idea in a way — but you’re gonna pay for it later.

Our traveling schedule over the next few days got stood on its head, rushing back to Colorado, so I’ll be seeing how much of Wednesday’s strip I can get done during normal waking hours. I’m wishing my future self luck, and all of YOU luck too. πŸ™‚


  1. Rikard


    Everytime I think: “Oh, yeah now he’s setting up a classic scene”, out of the blue something like the twist above happens.

    Ode to Joy in the form of a comic, this is!

    Happy New Year,
    Rikard, Sweden

  2. andreas

    With every new Spacetrawler chapter, Nogg will spend more and more time locking himself in the brig to avoid recriminations from surviving crew members shanghaied in previous chapters.

    In fact, Spacetrawler XV (in which Nogg sets out to repair the damage inadvertently done in Spacetralwer VII to XII) will be entirely told from inside the brig – even after the crew finally decide to abandon ship in the Brogram’s Armpit Nebula (but neglect to tell Nogg about this).

    From that point on the franchise can only be extended using flashbacks brought on either by nostalgia (Nogg) or drug use (Krep) until the series is re-booted by J.J. Abrams junior with Nogg being re-cast with a lean dolphin-alien from Beta Centauri, a blatantly speciecist decision which aficionados of the original series will not tire to lament.

  3. The Gorram Batguy

    Wow! My esteem for Nogg’s intelligence, fore-thinking abilities, and iron will for doing what needs to be done, has just skyrocketed. Who knew he had it in him? He’s got the makings of a heroic captain yet!
    (If he crosses the Kirk threshold, hide the green fish ladies.)

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