01/25/17 Broken Leg




Hey, check out the guest strip I’m doing for Dave Kellett’s funny awesome strip, “Drive!” I did an eleven page story, and one will post every Tuesday, so make sure you keep up on it! (and read the archives too. Worth it).



  1. Jezz

    Skin as tough as nails*

    * I assume ‘metal’ nails, not the things on top at the end of our fingers.

    And while I’m nit-picking—what could possibly go wrong?
    Oh, you meant for your skin to look the same as before? You don’t like the look of metal?

  2. Jonesy

    Oh mah Flying Spaghetti Zeus Judas.
    She is going on an augmentation-binge, isn’t she? Becoming a man-sized battlestation with unquenched thirst for war and this time also – business.

    1. How funny. I didn’t even make the connection when writing, but yes definitely. Hot hands.

      Although the theme/intent of them is distinctly different. Yontengu has the “on all the time” Midas touch good/bad as its main theme. Joyce will be able to turn them on and off, so it just means she can have fun melting things. 🙂

  3. Herandar

    How does one see around a planet? A object that’s a planets-width away in a straight line, sure, okay.

    But yeah, vision is the passive reception of visible light rays. Sounds like false advertising to me.

    1. andreas

      Hmm, if the med-droid just means absurdly high acuity vision, it does seem a weird way of putting it. From space, anyone can easily see half a planet worth of planet, but on the ground that planet tends to get massively in the way of that.

      It would be hard to sense any particles that move through a planet’s crust mostly undisturbed – and even if one could, how could one then resolve things on the other surface given that those particles would mostly just go through them as well?

      This leaves reflection in the atmosphere which could be used to image things located behind the horizon. Not easy. Otherwise you are exactly right, it would have to be more like sonar rather than vision.

      Unless the med-droid is using physical principles (like gravitational lensing on steroids) incomprehensible to us 21th century luddites and hence describing them in analogous terms we can understand, i.e. “there are 150 horsed running under the hood of this vehicle (would you like me to implant some of them into you?)”

    1. Nezumi

      That wasn’t because of the body mods, it was because of an unhealthy response to trauma. (Though trauma doesn’t normally make you cruel or murderous, speaking as someone who’s experienced it)

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    Supposedly as you approach the speed of light you can start seeing other now exposed angles as reality bends before you. I wonder if it is similar to that? And then there is the added processing ability you need. Your brain isn’t designed for that kind of hyper spacial proclivities at this time. However I could use unbreakable bones and a flexible skin as tough as say Kevlar™ would be nice. And yet still retain the look and ability to feel. (Self regenerating of course.) Though limit the pain sensors though.
    I’d go for it especially if it is free.

  5. Peter Rogan

    NOOOOOOOO! Joyce, DON’T!

    This is the path that Yuri went down — and you’ve already got a job offer running the G.O.B.!

    Nog, by refusing at stunnerpoint to let Joyce see the consequence of unbridled enhancement, may have not just doubled his error, but compounded it. At five-minute intervals. My teeth go on edge simply imagining the horrors to follow. Joyce is not dazzled by adolescent fantasies of power. She’s wielded real power, and believe me, once you have done that, and find you can do more, the temptation is never resisted. Never. You just see more work that needs to be done. And then you do it.

    1. Nezumi

      What consequences? Yuri went the route she did because her arms and legs were amputated from her fully conscious and unanesthetized body and she was never given an opportunity to properly process and cope with this. Augmentation had nothing to do with it.

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