03/01/17 To Your Leader




When traveling on the road, clutter of papers and disorganization accumulate in one’s car. Today I pulled EVERYTHING out, and went through all of it. I am feel very organized, and deserve a cookie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, donโ€™t forget to check out the guest strip Iโ€™m doing for Dave Kellettโ€™s funny awesome strip, โ€œDrive!โ€ I did an eleven page story, and one will post every Tuesday, so make sure you keep up on it! (and read the archives too. Worth it).



    1. andreas

      @ Coyoty

      Shortly after the Big Bang, the Big Box stores produced so much office equipment they had to dump them cheaply across the galaxies. This is what cosmologists refer to as the inflationary hypothesis.

  1. Herandar

    The strip title is a duplicate of the last one. I wouldn’t bring it up, but you don’t really do repeats. I know, because I checked. Oh, and the title for the 11/30/2016 strip also needs to be updated. Today’s strip’s title still would apply just fine if unchanged, but the November strip has nothing to do with the title it currently has.

    “Meet Moulthzar”? “Moulthzar’s Not Here”???

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