02/27/17 Team Aulton




Monday! Had a really nice birthday weekend. Good food, good company, and good strolling about a good chunk of Saturday allowing myself to do it without a care int he world (a rarity).


  1. andreas

    We have arrived at the dark parking lot / abandoned warehouse / star system. Where at once we were ambushed by wild polecats / ghouls / an Aulton spaceship jazzed up on off-world weapons. Narrow escape. Ominous.

    We have clearly underestimated how dangerous this place is, even though we didn’t really know what to expect. Well, what now?

    Split up to cover more ground, of course!

    (cue scary background music featuring a singing saw. πŸ˜‰

  2. Came back to read this again and smile. I love Bikkie and have decided to scream “BLOOD” when I feel sufficiently riled (which is rare).

    While grinning at Bikkie’s expressions, it occurred to me how accurately you draw characters, Chris. I’m a science nerd – especially biology – and I suddenly realised you’ve got a kangaroo’s dentition down pat. So just a nod to say you definitely ARE good!

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