03/15/17 Secret Tunnels





Don’t forget to check out the guest strip I’m doing for Dave Kellett’s funny awesome strip, “Drive!” I did an eleven page story, and one will post every Tuesday, so make sure you keep up on it! (and read the archives too. Worth it).


    1. James Carroll

      +Irisclara, I agree. I think it would be HILARIOUS if Kahtaar got past the TSA and was able to get on a plane.

      I think Bikkie would make a GREAT stand-in for Samuel L. Jackson

  1. Wow, Nogg certainly has the talent for picking crew members! Seems that’s his forte rather than any leadership ability – Joyce has awesome negotiating skill, Anesu’s great for thinking ahead and acting when the situation calls for it (LOVE her atttude) and Bikkie provides just the right amount of over-the-top violence (love his attitude to).
    Guess we’ll soon see what Hwan and Devyat are capable of as the story unfolds. Mauricio, we already know.

    Chris, you’ve got quite the story telling ability and I love your artwork, not just here but in the strips you do as a guest artist and writer in Dave’s Drive!!

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