03/20/17 In The Mood




Well, things suddenly changed and I’m in Reno again. Life is weird.


    1. @Coyoty, One thing to consider is translation. There are probably other seeds in the universe which “pop” when heated, and so the word for them would probably be translated into “popcorn.” The OTHER thing to consider is Spacetrawler takes a lot of scientific liberties for gags which may not hold up to heavy scrutiny.

      @Nathanyel, you’re right in that she would probably be familiar with earth popcorn (or being told about it). BUT, it’s not the first time popcorn has appeared in the comic, likely outside of earth’s influence. The last panel of both of these, from the first series:


  1. andreas

    Let me give you the tour: Over there is the blue-jeans factory, next to the ballet dance halls. Here is the functional architecture building/hatchery and opposite the street are some greenhouses where the flowers are grown for the fancy arrangements. In between are the turquoise LED factory and the military-industrial complex.

    1. andreas

      @ Jude

      You may have to wait a few more days until happy flappy day. I take it their schedule still includes today’s poetry recitals, still more berserker space battles, yodeling, and the Firefly marathon on Friday (everything goes somewhere, you can never stop the signal).

      Social insects sure are sociable.

  2. mouse

    Love the idea that “flower arranging” is a planetary activity. Along with birding.

    And drat, I just typed out a whole long list of thing to do in San Diego. Come back, Christopher! We’re a lot more fun than Reno. (shoot, we can even provide casinos).

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