03/29/17 Planetary Pulse




Sorry! An hour and a half late. Forgot to upload it before going out to hear some AMAZING chamber music. But here it is!


  1. Chris, your comics are highly addictive! I *had* to stay up late enough to catch this one today. At least here, it’s not too late.

    So… are humans and human hybrids such as Mauricio and Devyat immune to the effects of the noise? Or does it just take longer? And is the local version of the ‘bag-o-snakes’ behind it.

    1. Michael

      Maybe the sound (or whatever causes the mood) needs to be customized to affect various life forms, and humans and other dark planet beings simply haven’t been taken into account, except for the the planets where the device is being tested. (Assuming there isn’t something special about Gurf.)

  2. andreas

    The ancients knew about the centrality for our inner lives to be in closely aligned with the tides, the earth, and the phases of the moon. Generations of druids and witches who have tasted the deep mysteries of GRAUGH!

  3. Peter Rogan

    Ohhh, now THIS gets interesting! The suggestion that malicious technology is in use changes the parameters of possible solutions wonderfully. As well as, you know, hinting at Golden Age sf, superscience and E. E. “Doc” Smith planetary-scale machinery. Roll on the “X, the unknown metal”!

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