04/03/17 Crint Welcome




Happy Monday!

We went and saw Beauty and the Beast this weekend. I then spent the next hour over dinner deconstructing it (this is technically possible). Which is why I’m so glad Cedra is so tolerant. πŸ™‚


    1. Jude

      I could see difficulty seeing clearly if one was a sloppy eater, especially with noodles or spaghetti. Slop on some eyes and your field of vision would drop – not to mention how much it would hurt, getting food in your eyes.

  1. andreas

    For a species who would excel at talking out of both sides of their mouth(s), the Crints sure are refreshingly straightforward.

    I wonder whether those bags of snakes had their way with them or whether the Crints were already like this (and the b.o.s did not have to infiltrate – or were too frightened to).

    Either way, the passive-aggressive silences at those dinner dates can be awkward.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Crints, a species born to aggression and war. Might does make them right! I wonder if they were bred to that state or did it come wholly naturally? I can picture them alive in my mind’s eye. Nice design. The eyes around the mouth remind me of a gastropod who have that arrangement. Many eyes. And the furriness makes you almost think there is a mammal (wolverine) stuck in the body of an oversized shrimp with tentacles added for locomotive purposes. Tell me, do the Crint function in both dry and liquid environments? Do they have gills too? If so then they can use it in interesting ways since water isn’t a barrier to them.

    Boasting is part of their sociology along with many and sundry threats. Most of whom are not aggressive. But there are bodily tell tales of when they do mean it. Their eyes bulge, their fur bristles and their lower tentacles start turning red at the joints. Then it is real threats at any moment. When the bulging eyes turn red they will attack.

    I do wonder what they used for fine work that would be needed to build things like hammers & starships. I assume there are bundles of pink delicate manipulator tentacles hidden behind the hand chela. Chela that can cut through flint steel that is, *Chris.*

      1. andreas

        3/4 if we add Joyce πŸ˜‰

        There is modeling by Bill Hamilton and colleagues making the case that evolution will end up with 2 rather than more than 2 sexes per species [see e.g. here], hypothetically universally and not just on Earth (given a number of assumptions and conditions to be sure).

        However, even here we certainly have a number of species which reproduce asexually, hermaphrodites, sex-changing, etc. I was always wondering how those “he” and “she” pronouns – which are translations anyway – reflect on beings like King, presumably a “he”?

        1. Peter Rogan

          The Brits commonly call all their Naval vessels ‘she,’ even the battleship ‘King George V.’ And Mark Twain has said that the confusion of German genders is what started the dueling societies at the University of Heidelberg. In German, a turnip has a gender, but not a beautiful maiden. “Wilhelm, where is the turnip?” “She is in the kitchen.” “Where is the beautiful maiden?” “It has gone to the opera.” If you can make sense of this, you are doing better than the last two centuries of philologists and gender studies people. Good luck.

  3. Meran

    Just a nitpick. I looked up “bounds vs boundaries “… most say that boundary is the noun, bound is the verb. “Out of bounds” doesn’t apply well to this usage. (Please forgive this editor…)

  4. Nezumi

    I love how incredibly petty and passive-aggressive Mr. Zorilla is, and that he genuinely seems more angry about trivialities or things that were actually, y’know, bad for Nogg than his role in the deaths of his relatives.

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