04/24/17 Staying or Going




Good god, is it Monday already?


  1. Ah, Christopher, thanks so much. When life is gloomy, you’re always here to make me laugh. I think this page is my favorite one so far. (I expect there will be many other favorite for me till the end of this trip). Hearty thanks for all your work.

    1. andreas

      Mind the cage

      One can take the Bikki out of the cage
      but one cannot take the cage out of the Bikki

      Anesu can take Bikki’s mind out of the cage
      even if this takes Bikki back into said cage

      But one cannot take Bikki out of one’s mind
      except for Nogg who locks himself into the brig

  2. mouse

    I’ve been alternating between incapacitated and busy the last couple of months so haven’t kept up here but I just have to say the thing I now regret most is having missed this pun for so long.

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