04/26/17 Jailbreak




Fifteen minutes late getting home from dinner! Here’s the strip! Happy Wednesday!

All is well. Spent the day doing freelance and laying out new comics, and then walking around Reno taking reference pictures for comics. And going to the library and reading comics. It is ALL comics some days. πŸ™‚


    1. Meran

      I don’t think he’s back, quite. That BLOOD balloon isn’t quite as bloody, as violent as all the previous ones.

      And it’d be rough if he has to be urged into every fight they’ll need him in.

      It’s almost as if he’s become Martina, relunctant to fight!

  1. Rikard


    Oh poor marsupial! That face in the second-to-last panel; realisation that yes, while the ‘roo may have discovered that non-linear thinking exists and is accessible…

    …the Bikkie that he is needed to be might no longer be the Bikkie he is able to be. Or something profound-ish sounding like that.

    Because his face in the last panel signals (to me) someone going through the motions rather than expressing heartfelt commitment.

    Perhaps he simply needs a new role-model? Like Joyce, or Gurf?

    Greetings from Sweden,
    Rikard, former schoolteacher

  2. TB

    Laser cutter or no laser cutter, I’m seriously impressed by someone who can cut loose the bars, step through the hole, and carefully replace them, all while holding a blanket up with both hands.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      Well, one of the hands is false, leaving one real hand free. That’s usually how the trick is done. Still, she accomplished all of that with one hand, which is still not easy. She’s clearly done a lot of practicing (in general, not specifically with a laser cutter per se).

      1. Gregg Eshelman

        I saw the live show where he “walked through a mirror”. It was easy to tell how it was done.

        An elevated platform with a large mirror near its front edge. A wall is placed in front of it with a rectangular hole in the middle. A big piece of paper gets placed over the hole.

        Copperfield gets on the platform behind the mirror. Walls are added to the other three sides.

        *dramatic music* *a hand punches through the paper*

        Copperfield struggles through then jumps out and stands in front of the hole with upraised arms. *applause!*

        Now the goof that reveals the trick. Stagehands come to take down the walls from the platform and the guy at the stage left front side clearly reaches under and moves an arm in a sweeping motion.

        The mirror was hinged and Copperfield merely had to swing it aside to do his act. The stagehand moved it back.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    She could take that on the road when she returns to Earth.

    Poor Bikke, found an illumination of knowledge. Now stuffing it back in and keep the linear fight-kill-destroy just seems so two dimensional now. Poor thing needs to reconcile the two before he can fully function again at a better, happier level.

    I just love when he leans back on his tail and double kicks with his hind limbs. Broken bones will follow.

  4. I got thinking – went back looking at Bikkie’s expression during other times when he’s been seriously riled and every time his eyes just about bug out (rather than two small dots), his mouth is open very wide with his tongue just about protruding and BLOOD is written in bold with lots of red all around.

    Bikkie’s going through the motions to satisfy Krep. It looks like our beloved marsupial can still marshal his might when needed while pondering his place in the universe!

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