05/03/17 Beejah Attack






  1. The Gorram Batguy

    Woh boy. Now we know that Jabby can misinterpret Mauricio’s words/commands. The big question is, was it intentional misinterpretation? Because if so, this is a very dangerous thing.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    The instruction manual didn’t say anything about the weapon’s intelligence can resort to lying, and fooling the person in order to fire! (Was there a manual?)

    Damn thing works to trick you into using it. Dirty pool. Or in this case, dirty dealing offensive weapon!

  3. 0z79

    “Hey Emily, you know that superweapon you turned down? It’s taken over Martina’s little brother. He’s basically dead now, Jabby’s driving the carcass.”

  4. Muzhik

    @Night-Gaunt49, of COURSE there was a manual! It’s in PDF format on a USB stick that should be around here somewhere…

    (You could say that since Jabby replaces a hand, EVERYTHING it does is “manual”.)

    (There is a tee shirt available that has written on it:
    “Let’s eat Grandma!”
    “Let’s eat, Grandma!”
    Punctuation saves lives.”

  5. Peter Rogan

    Ohhhh, boy. A talking lethal weapon that now resorts to deliberate misconstrual. Therapy isn’t the only thing you’re going to need, Mauricio. And hey, didn’t that thing have only ONE point on it before? It’s getting bigger, isn’t it? Therapy could be the LEAST of your concerns at this point.

  6. I love rereading each strip several times and I only now noticed – Isn’t that Gurf’s boots in the lower right corner of the last panel, Chris?

    If it is, then not everyone was obliterated by Jabby. Either Jabby’s range of destruction is limited or Jabby has some sort of ‘moral’ guidelines against killing the good guys. Or maybe Gurf is simply indestructible.

      1. I knew Devyat had stunned them but in the huge blast from Jabby, I thought he wiped them all out. I wouldn’t put it past Jabby’s rationale to destroy anyone who said “Die!” previously.

  7. andreas

    Martina had to resort to killing a few in order to protect many, not that this rationalization did much to ease her sense of moral failing, profound guilt, and drive towards self-sacrifice as atonement.

    Why did Maurizio kill all those people? Because technology. Does not quite have the same ring to it…

    So there will be even less rationalizing past killing for Maurizio, not to mention the danger of causing more destruction in the future.

    I wonder whether Maurizio is technically skilled enough to commandeer a wingship to steer into the sun? They should be on the look-out for that, but I guess Jabby is going to be on the job 24/7…

  8. Rikard


    Is it just me, or is Jabby getting bigger? Probably, hopefully, just me…

    Jabby is wacky, though. Jabbywacky- or was it Wabbajacky?

    Also, why no stun setting? Perhaps there is a setting for ‘non-lethal multispecies incapacitation’, which can be voice-activated before each separate instance of use?

    Poor, poor Mauricio. Evil hand syndrome indeed.

    Greetings from Sweden,
    Rikard, ex schoolteacher

    1. Jabby has definitely gotten bigger and more powerful. When Mauricio cut his arm off to rid himself of Jabby, it grew back with a vengeance and much bigger. I’ll have to go back to check whether it was a one-time-on event or has been getting bigger at other points too.

      1. Gregg Eshelman

        When they have races in Japan with competitors from other countries, and it’s one where they have a countdown to the start, they’ll say Five in English instead of Japanese because Go is Japanese for Five.

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