05/01/17 Escape Ride




A lot of detail, but man it was fun drawing this sequence. And Bikkie with his face in the wind like a dog just cracks me up. πŸ™‚


Wait, it’s May Already?!!!


  1. Sabreur

    Sorry Moulthzar, but they’re definitely the good guys. I mean, they just did a barrel roll on a rocket bike. Everybody knows the bad guys aren’t allowed to do stuff that cool.

  2. Muzhik

    Here’s hoping everybody forgets about the rocket sled that Anesu has neatly tucked away in a forgotten part of the ship until it’s time for her to come riding out of the sunrise in time to snatch the hand-held nuke out of the — whatevers — of the snakemen, do a barrel roll, and toss said nuke down the bottomless pit, thus saving our heroes and incidentally destroying any hope of bringing the war to and end.

    It will be glorious!

  3. Peter Rogan

    Anesu’s concept of ‘evasive maneuvers’ and mine differ considerably. Really, Anesu? A straight dive for the open hatch? Have you ever heard the expression, ‘ducks in a row’? Well, now you have a referent.

  4. Love Anesu’s ability (in the last panel) to see the humour in being shot up. Or is that her insanity rising to the front again? Also very impressive despite how shot up they are, they nicely rearranged themselves panel 12 from panel 10!

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