05/10/17 Mr. Sokolov




Dimitri’s last name was never used very much, only two or three times I think. But it was indeed “Sokolov” inspired by Sasha Sokolov, who wrote a novel I love(d?) “A School for Fools.”

Trying to wrap things up here in Reno. Weird having been here for so long! What, like a month three-quarters or so? Anyhow, super excited about the upcoming artist residency I’ll be doing up at Sagehen Creek Field Station. And there will be internet up there, so all comics should proced as usual.


  1. War Pig

    I hope you enjoy looking at the 500 inch snow pack in the area. Should look like Currier and Ives on steroids. I also hope you are not there through next winter, unless you really, REALLY like snow.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      Oh, Joe. You zany fellow! I was trying to figure out which member of the main cast you meant, and didn’t get far for obvious reasons.
      My best guess was Zandra. She does indeed have a killer left arm. As well as a killer right arm, and a killer tail too! Not mention the teeth and the acid perspiration.

  2. Muzhik

    I wish I hadn’t lived so far away from my daughters when they were growing up. I would have loved to go all “Uncle Buck” on the gentlemen callers. Inviting them to sit on the sofa while my daughter gets ready and while I’m busy sharpening and honing Mr. Slice-n-Dice, my machete. After inviting the young man to see how sharp that blade was and reminiscing about my friend who owns the really rugged back land, where people have gotten lost and died, I’d put the equipment away, sit back and ask, “So! What do you two have planned for tonight!”

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