05/15/17 Leaders Convene




Have spent all moments up at Sagehen Creek Field Station hiking, walking, thinking, taking notes, and then drawing like the dickens in all my free time. It is terribly inspiring.

Listening to “Watership Down” on audiobook. What a freaking gorgeous book. I first read it only about a decade ago, and have only thought good thoughts about it since, and despite that it is STILL living up to my memory.


  1. Herandar

    So is Jowley lighter than human standard, or is Mauricio much stronger than average? I thought Jabby was parasitically wasting the alpaca herder, but he seems to intend to stand there draped in Jowley until Jowley awakens.

    1. Well, the Beejas are a bit lighter, which they need to be in order to fly (we’ve seen wings so far, but no flying). But also, Jabby has become very heavy, and has reinforced Mauricio’s body for weight support (which I may or may not have mentioned).

  2. andreas

    shorter Nogg:

    “Violence never leads anywhere, which is precisely why I feel optimistic about having forced you into these peace talks.”

    Notwithstanding my limited knowledge of Thelbian anatomy as to whether they even have a heart, and if so, how many… nevertheless I’m sure Nogg’s heart is in the right place πŸ˜‰

  3. Seymour Joseph

    Chris refers to Jabby as “he” in his comment above and I suddenly realize that I have been thinking of Jabby as a female character since his/her introduction. So weird.

          1. Muzhik

            @Jude, that’s only what you think. They’re all actually screaming their little cerebellums off at you but you never bothered to develop the genes needed for telepathy. That’s because generations ago the smartest female in the tribe refused to mate with the little twerp who incidentally would have passed on his genes making telepathy possible. So our mental deafness really IS her fault.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    The limitations of our personal pronoun choices. He, she and It. Barely covers the gamut of sexuality and genders. And the combined ones from the 1970’s which are SHe and Hir. I guess the neutral “it” stays for now.

  5. Meran

    I abhor the “singular they”… it’s messing up everyone’s plurals now.

    Ursula Le Guin introduced several pronouns, like “per”, and others, in Left Hand of Darkness and another book I’m not being able to remember the title of, at this minute.

  6. Joyce Melton

    How do you feel about singular “you”? That’s right, you was originally the plural of thou, then became the honored 2nd person and eventually replaced thou completely. And singular they has been around since at least Chaucer.

    Maybe we should just spell it differently? Thay, thim, thair, thairs and thairself? πŸ™‚

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