05/24/17 Jowley’s Conundrum




Did you all know I’ve been drawing one (or more) Spanish words every day, as part of a “100 day” project (which will probably continue as long as it keeps my interest)? I’ve passed the 50 threshold. And although at some point I’ll build a home for them on my website, you should check them out at any of these places:





  1. andreas

    Nicely set up, this could go so many ways… And on a Wednesday of course, so we’re going to have to wait to Monday to find out ;-).

    But there are just these periods where … we go crazy. And when we’re “that way”, using this weapon seems reasonable.

    As analogies to current events are purely co-incidental, I am sure, let me nitpick about grammar instead of politicizing, what could go wrong?

    Is it “periods where” or “periods when”? Hmm…

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Hm, there was such a missile, two in fact, in an old Fireball XL-5 episode. But that isn’t relevant. Time to remove those missiles. But they could build more so you need to find out who knows what…

    1. andreas

      … and then find out who they’ve learned from and who they in turn were working with and with one thing leading to another at least we finally have a good handle on how Jabby is thinking…

  3. Love the last 2 panels!!! In my mind’s eye, the sequence happened almost instantaneous – Krep nicely blasts Avnerix and then the shocked look on Mauricio’s face.

    Your story telling and humour is spot on, Chris. You really are an incredible combination of writer and artist!!

  4. Owen Smith

    But why would a race develop and build two planet destroying missiles that they consider wrong to use, if they know that when they’re in their “killing” period they are likely to use them? It makes no sense to me.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      1) The head Beejah or whomever already explained that they are fighting the war because all of the others already were, and,
      2) They like having an enemy to fight, because they get homicidal either way when the madness comes, and at least this way they aren’t instead engaging in civil wars that are twice as costly to them.
      So, they’re committed to the conflict even when not insane.

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