05/22/17 Who’s On Heltch




Finally finished scripting and laying out the reference photos for the comic I’m doing as part of my art residency up here at Sagehen. And it came out pretty well. Still will need a fair amount of noodling, but I’m happy with how it came together. Probably 8 or 9 pages, and I’m sure I’ll share it here at some point.


    1. The Gorram Batguy

      Oh, yes, you are on to something. I’d forgotten there was indeed a fourth party here.
      Come to think of it, maybe the Kreebrick just teaches you how to make really convincing costumes, enabling you to infiltrate any society you want and pull the puppet strings unseen. This would enable a people to rule the universe, would it not? Thus fulfilling the “prophecy”. Any maybe the serpentine spies burrowed into Heltch and found the Kreebrick first, long ago.

      1. Schismatism

        While we’re at it, what if the snakes /are/ the Kreebrick, and are intentionally manipulating matters in such a way because they know if that if the three races around them unified, they’d never get a moment’s peace?

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