05/31/17 Secret Society Demand




Leaving Wednesday morning! On from Sagehen Creek Field Station on to all sorts of places along the west coast before settling for the summer in Vermont. Whoot!


    1. Finn

      It is really “simple”, 3 alien races are fighting over a planet that appeared suddenly in their system, one race because they have secret co-conspirators (probably the secret society) that gave them advanced weapons and told them to fight, another race because they, on random days, are possessed by an urge to kill any other species (this urge is likely caused by some sort of dark secret in the planet, possibly relating to the secret society), and the last race has “ancient cave paintings” that speak of this and want the infinite power said to reside in the planet (I find it unlikely the paintings are actually ancient, and am inclined to guess the secret society did it). The secret society has some vested interest in the war and so they want to stop nogg, their vested interest is probably also how they know about nogg. While I was kind of joking about the simple thing, I have seen more confusing plot lines than this

    2. Apologies if it gets a bit confusing. As @Finn pointed out, it’s a bit complex, but there are much more confusing plots out there. I think a big part of the struggle to follow (I hope) is that you only get two pages a week, and that it stands up better for a straight read-through. That said, in a few months it is mostly (I hope) going to centralize again. This is a phase of everything falling apart.

      1. No, I didn’t mean confusing in the sense of not following the plot – no apologies needed, Chris!! I wrote that late at night (ok, early in the morning) and it wasn’t very clear.

        I understand what’s going on. What I meant was every new page you add throws another twist in. I think readers instinctively try to guess where the story’s going (at least I do) but your plot and the characters in it are so intricately meshed together, I have no idea where it’s going. For example, I figured Nogg was telling the finished story to Mauricio’s father but being kidnapped shows it’s obviously not over. I’m just along for the ride and loving it!

    1. andreas

      Apparently they are one and the same secret power behind the throne that failed to rouse Dimitri’s interest via insinuations of power and threats.

      Little did they know that Dimitri’s interest can only be roused via high spirits (i.e. Vodka) and a high compatibility reading on the aproxiscan.

      Apparently they also know very little about concealing their interest in Nogg and the Dauthaar system. It is likely King had an intuition that Nogg was on to something, but he/she/it may well have wanted independent confirmation since, let’s face it, we’re talking about Nogg here.

    1. Nathanyel

      Dimitri would be the kind of man who’d tell you about this after one glass of wine. Not because he’s drunk, but because he’s bored you only brought wine, and he likes to talk about stuff that makes others uncomfortable.

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