06/05/17 Calthrift’s Revelations




Just about to leave the California coast (after a few days) to start heading north along the coast. Exhausted and smiling.


  1. andreas

    @Chris did the 5-glaring-eyes-in-a-robe deliberately misspell “Aulton” [“Autlon”] in panel 5 or was this a glitch?

    Perhaps he meant to say “Athlon”? 😉 -> I remember a commenter pointing out that the Aultons’ architecture resembles the look of microprocessor boards, so that would track… Then again, maybe their architecture looks like this for a different reason like ease of assembly and the story of the giant computer was inspired from this… [also, they surely read Douglas Adams so they can’t be complete villains ;-)]

    Really nice switch by the reptilluminati or whoever they are – for all we know this is the truth or a complete lie 😉

    1. Interesting! Thanks for deciphering that possible ‘Easter egg’ for us.

      Chris, do you normally put little Easter eggs in your strips from time to time? I wondered before and now with Rächtenbourd and just a few strips before, Mr. Zorilla planting seeds of Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) makes me wonder.

      1. It’s a mix. Some things I do because I know how they’ll if in the story. And some thing I do because I THINK I know how they’ll fit in the story, and then they fit in a different way. And then, of course, some things I just do somewhat random because they’re interesting, and I think I might find a longer story for them later on — which sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. 🙂

  2. Kaidah

    Wonder what they’ll think when Nogg accidentally blows the planet up right as it’s about to print out the solution? lol

    I’ve just finished rereading the entire series for about the dozenth time and it never gets old. This is easily one of the best webcomics out there. Thank you Mr. Baldwin for giving us so many hours of wonderful entertainment. 🙂

  3. Efogoto

    I’m re-reading the whole current adventure, noticed the misspelling of Aulton as Autlon in panel 5, saw that andreas mentioned it in a comment above, and that Christopher hadn’t responded, so I’m echoing andreas’s comment about the misspelling.

    And loving the current story, of course.

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