06/14/17 Crint Rescue Plan




Bikkie probably punches nazis too.

Phew. Barely keeping up here, but think I am on top of things again. Have a good full work-week this week. Anything less than that and for me the ship falls apart and slams into a planet. The proverbial ship. Of my life. Job. Life. job. Life. Hi!


  1. The Gorram Batguy

    Spacetrawler 3: Bikkie Saves the Universe

    It will just be page after page of this exact sequence from the last row of panels, with Bikkie punching out various space-tyrants. A sizable percentage of these space-tyrants may resemble a certain mustachioed figure from the cover page of Captain America #1.
    Some pages end with affirmation from characters like Joyce or Krep. Some end with Gurf giving him a high-five. Some end with Nogg unconscious on the floor and/or cowering in the corner of the room.
    You know, shake it up a bit.
    Less work for our artist, and a guaranteed joy for his audience for a few hundred pages at least.

  2. Leinglo

    You know, as much as it seems like the team kinda screwed up this whole situation, it’s still probably better than if they had done nothing. The Beejahs were already going to use those missiles at the first bad mood opportunity anyway, and nobody else knew about them. If the Spacetrawler hadn’t been there, there probably wouldn’t have been anyone else in a position to even try to stop it.

    Course, there’s also the possibility that the Beejahs didn’t know what they were talking about when they claimed these missiles could destroy planets (I mean, how do you test that, exactly?), and they could end up actually doing no real damage at all.

    1. Scififan

      You’re right. But the missles could be more powerful than they think. Remember the first nuke? That one sciencist that had really high exceptations compared to others, who laughed when he told them how powerful the explosion might be? And he was still wrong. Nobody predicted that the explosion would be so powerful.

    1. Drgnhawk

      I believe they are just very far to our left, as she is looking at Bikki with out turning her head fully towards him. The pupils are just barely visible as a heavier dot at the left corner.

    2. @Winnie, exactly what @Drgnhawk said. It’s because sometimes things seems very obvious when I’m zoomed in super-close to draw them, and then my eyes compensate when I zoom out because I “know what to look for.”

      Anyhow, I agree, the pupils were FAR too underdrawn, and so I updated the artwork! Thank you!

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Bikke showing his strategy for negotiations. He takes no lip and smashes others to put them in line. Put him with Captain Dallas from “The 5th Element” and you have the senior diplomats for Terra!

  4. Sometimes I wish I could negotiate like Bikkie but it rarely works that way. Besides, only being a 125 lb woman and the fact the law doesn’t approve of such methods, I content myself with imagining the offending party being vaporized instead. I guess that’s why Bikkie’s my hero as he also has a tender side to him (which I’m hoping will show up as the story progresses).

  5. Peter Rogan

    Well. Perhaps Devyat and Bikkie can handle this situation, with Joyce overseeing. Some people are born leaders, some people are made leaders, and some (like Devyat) have leadership thrust upon them.

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