06/21/17 Aulton Coping




Credit to the snakes, Cedra helped develop them, in fact they were mostly her idea, and they crack me up every time I write/draw them. Medusaen lunacy. Love it.


  1. Timothy

    That pause and “are we sure about the lottery” bit, with people being sad afterwards, those do so much to humanize this whole thing and make you feel for these guys.

    Hope they don’t die.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    You have done your job, I do feel something and don’t want them to be annihilated. You know that once it is built someone will want to use them. So it is better to leave them unbuilt. Like the Death Star. It will be used.

    All I can think of is an episode of Fireball XL-5 with planet destroying missiles. Also a Space Ghost had one from Metallis. However neither one was hidden which makes it harder to find them.

  3. Fasten your seat belts, everyone. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. No, you ARE on a spaceship yet.

    I’m assuming the snakes are a colony that can merge and shapeshift into a single body crudely resembling whatever species they want.

  4. Peter Rogan

    My magazine office had a Smithsonian cover poster of a group of meerkats standing watch over their burrow, in a pose not unlike that of the bag-o-snakes here. The caption I put on it said, “UPS come by yet?” We got a lot of free books and games we sometimes reviewed, if they were in our line.

  5. Yawnitz

    I may be late to this party, but I couldn’t help but wonder:

    The insanity/aggression trigger. Is it tied to the universal translators? This would explain why they work equally well planet-side and in space, and why everyone can hear it. We still don’t know why only certain races are affected, though.

    Just some fridge thinking.

    1. Muzhik

      It’s not “only certain races”. It’s “certain linguistic groups”. A person who is a native English speaker will have specific neuro-linguistic pattern, i.e., learning English as a primary language fixes neurons in a specific pattern that is different from those who learn Bejaahn as a native language. The universal translators stimulate these patterns of neurons to cause you to hear Bejaahn as English, and vice-versa

      While there is a great variety of neuron collections (i.e, that favorite of zombies, BRAINS!) the variety is not infinite. It’s very likely that some different species will have similarly-structured (but not exact copies of) neurolinguistic patterns. If the crazy sound is designed to trigger reactions in universal translators that are linked to certain language groups, it’s quite probable that different unrelated species will also be driven mad by the sound.

      1. Yawnitz

        It is interesting to look at the same problem through the eyes of someone with a different skillset.

        My background is as an electronics technician (avionics, specifically), so I am naturally drawn to find a problem with the device, itself. I have spent very little time studying the physical function of the mind.

  6. Every time I see the snakes’ heads, they remind me of Vachon, the vulture from Little Dee. I just can’t think of them as bad guys for that reason. Sort of naughty but still lovable.

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