06/28/17 Letting Guests In




Blogging ahead of time when you’re not sure you’ll have internet later can be hard to predict. I think I’ll be heading back south, for a full week of solid work (14 hour days) before heading east. Getting ahead so i don’t fall behind on the drive back to Vermont.

I may take the night to go to Oregon’s painted hills though, camp over night on Wednesday. I’m guessing I’ll be too road-weary to make that rather significant detour, but I really want to.


      1. The Gorram Batguy

        It seems totally like her to intentionally have the wrong homophone in mind just to make some understated wordplay. We just need to figure out what it was.

        Maybe she’s referencing how her small hands help her do things like breaking and entering? How did you get in? “Slight of hand[s]”.

  1. Night-Gaunt49

    How does she do that? She just slipped in an now the funniest line I found was in the last panel. Made me laugh. Great set up for that.

    Just imagine how hard it was writing “Ulysses” so make multiple meanings of the words using several different languages together in a mish-mosh that made sense.

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