07/17/17 Crint Refugees






  1. Peter Rogan

    Sometimes your culture perishes because of the values they hold. The Carthaginians preferred to die by fire, which they held holy, rather than allow the Romans to scatter them into the desert, kill them by the sword, or by crucifixion — which the Carthaginians inflicted on their own prisoners-of-war. Sometimes those who live by the sword don’t die so neatly.

  2. Muzhik

    Huh. “Seven Samurai,” eh? Just did a quick recount. There are 6 “recruits”, and Nogg makes 7. (Gurf and Krep are the peasant farmers, so they don’t count.)

    So 3 of the 7 Samurai survive. We know Nogg survives. We know that Mauricio (and Jabby) die. That leaves 2 out of the remaining 6.

    So who else do YOU think will make it out of this showdown alive? My vote is for Devyat, simply because the genetic heritage of The Greatest Russian To Ever Live MUST survive. Maybe she’ll even carry Mauricio’s baby, so we’ll see an eeb-Zorilla offspring (you know, snappy dresser, able to fix things, with Mr. Zorilla’s mouth?)

    Otherwise, I’m torn between Anesu (because Chaos will out, especially when it’s organized Chaos) and Hwan (just because he’s too cool to die.)

    What say you?

      1. No-ooo! Bikkie and Anesu CAN’T die! I don’t like anyone dying and we know ahead of time that Mauricio dies but not my two favourite (so far in the story) characters packed with attitude and so much more.

  3. mouse

    Here now, Nogg didn’t do _that_ badly with his previous crew. It’s mostly just Zorilla offspring that have a problem.

    which is why we should be very, very worried about Mr. Zorilla now.

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