07/19/17 Bikkie Won’t be Cheated






  1. Rikard


    Oh, the woes of the conflict between the truth of the wild and the truth of the domestic!

    Dog or wolf, man or marsupial?

    Poor Bikkie.

    Rikard, retired teacher, Sweden

  2. Peter Rogan

    I have to admit I nurture a secret envy for the simplicity and purity of Bikkie’s philosophy. It is rough-and-ready, to be sure, and does seem to have some limitations, hence his frustration, but it has the great advantage of being nearly universally applicable. Bikkie indeed may live in a cage in his mind, but it’s the cage of Thunderdome and he seems to be perfectly adapted to that. Who among us can say the same?

    1. One of the pleasures in reading Spacetrawler is scrutinizing your artwork, Chris. I haven’t mentioned the Beejahs’ clothing before but those fat semi-insect bodies stuffed into short dungeree pants with rolled up cuffs always makes me chuckle. I echo Gurf’s sentiments ‘they’re cute’ even when they’re yelling “Kill!”

  3. andreas

    Why do the Beejahs (ironically) respond aggressively to the pulses designed to soothe the savage beast in the first place?

    Perhaps they are the galactic equivalent of cleaner fish? Placed by the parent Kreebrick on a nearby world to be picked up by junior once it is hatched? They would be docile while the Kreebrick is awake and aggressively attack any parasites that have latched onto the Kreebrick when it is sleeping (assuming it even sleeps after hatching and that is would emit similar pulses while doing so). The Beejahs are even intelligent enough to win arms races with any parasite πŸ˜‰

    Be that as it may, it is interesting to speculate on the backstory of why Heltch was deposited (oviposited?) in a star system with 3(!) worlds which would soon almost simultaneously achieve space travel…

    1. meerling

      Because the planet is malfunctioning, it doesn’t soothe, and that’s why they built the second one.

      It affects more than just Beejahs, but we don’t know how many species, though one of them is part of the protagonists crew. (Sorry, forgot the names.)

      We don’t actually know how long they’ve been there, but it’s been long enough for at least two indigenous species to become technologically advanced enough to gain space travel better than we here on Earth have. Otherwise they probably would have noticed the planet sized computers being built that they live on.
      Ok, I’ll admit, just because the secret society snakes called it a computer the size of a planet, and the scan revealed that the entire interior of the planet is a giant computer, it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a planet there already they might have some how hollowed out and built that giant computer without the husk actually collapsing and wiping out the indigenous life forms. Well, I can think of a couple, but it’s pretty obvious that even galactic society and secret society snakes don’t have that kind of resources, and apparently never have, though it may exist, just look at Jabby for an example.

      Also, even though the computers have been verified, the Kreebrick hasn’t been verified as far as I can remember. They’re all just relying on an ancient tablet that was found on an airless rock. At this point, it might have been just a prank left there by someone a long time ago.
      Come to think of it, I’m really wondering how the secret society snakes figured out how to make a broadcast to keep the Kreebrick asleep, and why does it take a planetary computer to generate that…

      I guess we’ll eventually find out what Mr Baldwin is planning, but only when he wants us too.

      I was also pondering the idea that the tablet was part of some book or script some ancient traveler was writing. Yes, on a stone tablet. He’s not human, and maybe he likes the non-holographic stuff when he’s being creative or something… Except this is a lost page, or one he tossed as being not up to his standards. (I’m just using one pronoun as I don’t want to go through the whole list, especially when dealing with aliens, it could get really confusing.)

      Anyhow, thanks for reading the 2am babbling πŸ˜‰

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