08/07/17 Handcuffed To Who




I felt the need for fisticuffs. Veff was handy.



    You know. It’s hard to see how this pirate isn’t dead yet. He really makes BAD decisions.

    Still, he remains a lesson. Always kill the pirate. There is never any good that comes from showing a pirate mercy. They are like a bad cold, they keep coming back and no one ever enjoys their company.

  2. Peter Rogan

    The fact that his crew appears to be missing speaks volumes to the issue of his leadership and competence. I think Veff is concealing the fact that he’s dealing from an empty deck. But not for long.

  3. Schismatism

    Why do I suspect that Dimitri may have foisted off a bit of Devyat’s upbringing on one Emily? The hand-to-hand and the banter really reminds me more of her than it does Dimitri.

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