08/09/17 Veff Departs




I feel that sinister organ music should begin playing now.


  1. The Gorram Batguy

    Hmmm. I don’t know what that phenomenon is. Sure, we’re meant to think it’s Eeb powers manifesting, but I don’t think so.
    The foremost reason for this is, that at that moment Devyat was interesting in severing her assailant’s hand and using it for something, rather than trying to remove the cuff off of herself.
    It is almost as though some force removed the cuff to prevent her from acting on her violent intentions.
    Could the Kreebeck be awakening, but it’s actually a big pacifist, telekinetically getting involved like this to prevent bloodshed?
    Maybe it’s some other force at work? (Time-traveling Dimitri from the future, phase-shifting through the scene to prevent a wrong turn by his daughter?)

  2. Rex Vivat

    Hmm, I don’t think so. Devyat talks a good game, but I don’t think she’s actually cold blooded enough to mutilate someone, I think she was just trying to intimidate him. What she really wanted was to get free, and she did just that.

  3. mouse

    “Sinister organ music” – Veff has a musical left kidney?

    Even if Devyat wouldn’t dismember him, I’m sure there are other members of her company that would be happy to free Veff’s components to pursue independent destinies….and I suspect Veff is going to learn nothing from this experience.

  4. Meoi Lass

    Wow… while I agree with you guys on alot of those ideas…I would assume it’s Eeb telakenisis due the the clamps that Dimitri and Red used being modified. Possibly not effecting offspring? Or she may have just been close enough to un-clamped Eeb/human that she developed a mutation? Oh well. I guess we will find out soon enough…

    1. TB

      To the best of my memory, nothing was ever said about Eeb Clamps modifying genes. Being “clamped” would therefore be an acquired trait, and not inherited.

      If true, that seems to be a major hole in the whole clamping idea, since clamped Eebs could just raise another generation of full power ones. Still, I seem to dimly recall something mentioned a long time ago about Eeb telekinesis going away after a generation or two. Maybe I missed something in the first story?

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Humans are known to have more than one intelligence in their brains. That usually silent partner generally manifests as alien hand syndrome or maybe that voice in you head that councils you. This might be it gaining access to a power that Devyat doesn’t even know she has. Rather like a savant ability, but under your silent partner intelligence control.

    Another possibility is that there is another group or being involved that is just shown their cryptic hand. Whatever it is it adds to the mix in an unexpected way.

  6. 3oranges

    Regardless of the type of power, I thought it was a nice touch that it appears after Devyat has essentially solved her problem. It gives us a mystery, but without any ex machina that might take away from her self-reliance as a character.

  7. Meoi Lass

    After spending the past few hours reflecting on the archives…it is perfectly natral that Devyat has Eeb telakenisis. The pages from 5-4-11, 5-6-11, 6-27-11…you get the picture. The clearly stated reason that there were no un-clamped Eebs is because the original clamps made Eebs infertile, Little to no telekenetik abilities, and weak willed. However, Dimitri clearly stated that he modified the clamper he used on red-9 so that it would only effect her telekanisis. Since Dimitri modified his own generic code with Eeb genes, but was also clamped in the same way red-9 was, any of their offspring should have only slightly suppressed Eeb telakenisis. Dimitri also modified some or most the existing Eeb population so that their offspring would be devoid of the telekenetik abilities.
    Thank you TB for putting me on the right track for which pages.
    Now on to the next part:
    Dear Night-Gaunt49
    With the utmost respect I can muster…I kindly ask that you please go read the “DSM V” . Yes, all 990 pages. As someone who has the equivalent of a post secondary degree in psychology, and has personal experience with “voices in you head”, I was rather disappointed with such a conspiracy. It does not at all fit the narrative that Mr Baldwin has set in the past, and if that is anything to judge his future work by, then it is highly inprobable that it is as you described “silent partner intelligence”. Your blatant lumping of “savant abilities” with “alien hand syndrome” is an offence that many would not stand for. So with the utmost regards, please do a little research before making such jumps. I also commend you on the other point However that it might be yet another party that has not yet shown it’s hand in this matter.
    And finally, to 3oranges:…yeah. I agree.

  8. fookiesan

    I’m on the side of “not Eeb telekinesis” because of the way that sequence is drawn. Devyat is clearly surprised by something, and there is a definite visible manifestation of some kind in the space between her face and the handcuff. Unfortunately my brain is not working well enough right now to formulate a theory as to what actually happened, so I’m just going to enjoy the reveal in its own good time.

    1. Night-Gaunt49

      I do so wish I could fix that. Yes I did and unfortunately don’t have a DSMV-5 to peruse. Maybe one day, if they don’t change it again…and I don’t see how I got it so wrong even in passing…since I don’t know where you are coming from on negating it out-of-hand. Got any page numbers that would set me straight in your eyes and education? A helping hand here instead simply blowing me off would have sufficed. So unless you can send me one with highlights I will just have to limp along on my own. Thanx anyway Meoi Lass, you were of no help.

      Criticizing someone without setting them straight is a job half done. I would hope next time you will remember that.

  9. Dave

    Uh oh. We have an unclamped, telekinetic Dimitreeb on our hands. Somebody fish Martina out of that sun, wake her up, and tell her she has a job to finish. I’ll just go have a breakdown in that corner over there. M’kay? M’kay.

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