08/14/17 Calling Mom




Devyat’s a good girl. In trouble, so she calls her mom.

And yup. It is indeed Eeb Telekinesis.


  1. Practice practice practice makes perfect, or a lot better than what is was originally. Listen to mom, Devyat. She’s one mom who’s no dummy (except why would she think any pirate’s kissable).

    I’m dying to know what Devyat has under her babushka. Hair or what? I can’t imagine her smooth pated like Red-9.

  2. The Gorram Batguy

    I was waiting for that comment at the end.
    “Handcuffed to a pirate who was taking her hostage! Wait, wait, this is Dmitry’s daughter too, and knowing him, it’s probably *more likely* this was a mutually-agreed role-play romantic evening. I mustn’t jump to conclusions.”

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Ho ho! Getting a dress down over the phone. And its like Eep school again as to the do’s and don’t’s they have to live by. Nice power. Supposedly Nicholas Tesla could envision how something was made, look at it from all sides including exploded view. Only he couldn’t physically effect it thus. Too bad she has to hide it now. Still, better to have it than clamp it!

    (Now she just has to train herself to take over the power consciously comes next.)

  4. Am I the only one thinking eebs weren’t made for pirate-kissing? Or anything-kissing?

    Though personally I’m hoping Devyat will at some point unveil a hideous jagged-toothed maw of doom under there. Make Brograhm look like a dentist’s crowning achievement.

    (pun intended)

  5. Meran

    “Brain clamped both himself and I” should be “and me”. Just remove “both himself and” to see which pronoun to use. (“He brain clamped me.”)

    I’m almost caught up now? Damn. Sadness.

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