08/23/17 Mauricio Waits




A week which promises to be full of friends visiting the area. It’s so nice to see people one loves after time away.


  1. Meran

    I just realized how having Jabby in the end if one if his arms actually makes him one-handed. Sorting cards and holding them while picking up a beer glass (or bottle. Or can.) isn’t something he can do.

    Poor guy. He’s ~~so fucked.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Yes, Mauricio is screwed having just one hand and arm now. (You would think they would have allowed for not essentially losing an appendage with that weapon.) Mauricio also has learned more about the psychology of Jabby too. Still Jabby threatens to kill anyone who cheats. Rather extreme, and he said nothing.

    Maybe he is getting immured to the slaughter Jabby can do.And being around a super weapon-doomsday machine makes him even less bothered with the small destruction of life. Or he’s on drugs to calm him.

    How are the going to get the universe out of this predicament?

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