08/28/17 Hwan’s Resumé




Wow, it has been a long week. Those time when suddenly everyone decides to make plans with you at once. Fun, great to see people, and I worked hard in every free moment and kept up with work just fine. but, phew! I am wiped. 🙂


  1. Coyoty

    Yeah, I’ve worked with that guy. He almost got me fired because of “our” poor performance until I convinced the boss to let me work without him. I did twice as good alone as the two of us together.

  2. Rikard


    You know, you’re really good att coming up with band names in your comics:

    “Limp rag shit boy” sounds like some kind of ‘take-um-out-back-an-shoot-em’-punk rock band.

    Love your comics!

      1. Herandar

        Also also, how does one define oneself at being good at drugs? Good at identifying drugs? Good at obtaining drugs? Good at taking large doses of drugs? Not a criticism; it’s written fine. Just piqued by the statement.

  3. andreas

    It is very true that having attended all of the schools – necessarily for a very short time – should have raised eye-brows.

    Then again, Nogg does not have eye-brows.

    Interesting to see Hwan and Anesu as mirror images of each other. Hwan is lethargic and self-deprecating “just some sleight of hand” (I think there should be an “e” there) – while Anesu, who is hyper-active, never fails to employ sleights of hand even for merely theatrical purposes. Will they be this season’s Emily and Pierrot? -> Let the shipping begin!

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    “slight” of hand does give it an interesting double meaning. Hwan has a new name, “Limp Rag Shit-Boy”. Gave me a laugh. And yes that stereotype lives on.

    Time to go to game mode to knock out those missiles.

    “Bikke won’t use guns,” he prefers to kick it to death. A kangaroo Bruce Lee.

  5. Muzhik

    Ever have one of those weeks where you go in one end all full of pep and vinegar, and come out the other end like you’ve been kicked around by a spacesuit-wearing occasionally psychotic kangaroo?

  6. Peter Rogan

    And so the disintegration of Nogg’s team begins, to be replaced by horribly unsightly but strangely serviceable new constellations of true abilities, desires, and of course fears and limitations.

    Heh. “Limp rag shit boy.” Heh heh heh heh!

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