08/30/17 Evacuating Crint




Hello! Wednesday! Spent Tuesday painting for my monthly Patreon postcard. Whoot!


  1. Coyoty

    Looks like “evasive maneuvers” will mean the secret society is going to try to avoid blame for not outrunning the missiles.

    Jabby’s going to be happy. It gets to kill something.

    1. andreas

      Technically, blowing up Crint was probably quite legal – seeing that the 3 planets in the system may not have agreed to interplanetary codes of conduct during wartime and whatever rules the G.O.P. has on the books won’t apply to dark planets.

      Overstaying your parking ticket on the other hand is a serious offense…

  2. Herandar

    Getting slightly confused as to who is who in this strip. Or it could just be that I’m species-ist and they all look the same to me (“That’s so species-ist!!”). Also, forgotten what their motivations are from past strips. I guess I’ll need to re-read.

    1. TB

      You’re not the only one. I have to go back and check earlier pages to keep up with who’s who and what’s where. It’s all a secret plot to get you to buy the books when they come out.

      1. fookiesan

        I know it’s more work for Christopher, but what would help me a lot is a little sidebar of species that sits permanently on the edge of the screen. With a picture of an individual from each planet and a little blurb of info, like AULTON: live on the planet that is actually a computer keeping the Kreebrick trapped inside planet Heltch CRINT: Split into two groups, half on a generation ship leaving the system and half blowed up BEEJAH: Periodically crazy. Planet is a failed earlier Kreebrick computer. Launched missles at the other two planets.
        Course, you’d have to tweak those for spoilers, and I probably got the above all wrong, but, anyhow, you get the idea…

    1. TB

      That one I got. They’re going on an interstellar trip, and apparently stasis for all passengers is standard procedure (see also: “Forbidden Planet” and “This Island Earth”)

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