10/04/17 Devyat’s Mom

It’s interesting to think about, even I need a memory jog sometimes, from the first series: Red-9 is as hard as a rock, had to spend most of her life hiding what she was while watching her people in slavery (and fighting to end that), and did some mightily callous and harsh things. Like any character, it’s been interesting watching what makes her, and her mild change in roles. (it’s times like this I wish I could get “tags” to work again on this site).


  1. Peter Rogan

    I’m sure we have enough amateur encyclopedists reading this comic that they’ve already assembled a Spacetrawlerwiki of some degree of completeness. They might even be willing to share it. It’s that or dick around with PHP and HTML and possibly Python before you get the tags back.

  2. War Pig

    Well, if Heinlein was right in Glory Road, they can do as his heroes did with the troll, Igli; get the Kreebrick to begin swallowing itself by the feet and as it goes, it consumes itself until it transports itself out of this universe and maybe out of space-time itself. Possibly to some higher order of infinity.

    The same trick was used later in the animated movie Yellow Submarine starring the Beatles. A vacuum monster caught sight of its own tail, and when it moved, the monster began suctioning it until it literally turned himself inside out in space-time. Several ancient civilizations also had mythology in the same vein.

    It’s a pretty little stratagem and illustration in n-dimensional hypergeometry. Can a black hole swallow itself? Very hairy math, though. We’re talking Godzilla weapons-grade breath level math. Much more pleasant to play with it in the imagination. Otherwise your brain starts itching like woolly worms crawling around inside your skull. That kind of math.

  3. Coyoty

    I think Red-9 is right, Devyat can’t. And also, Mauricio can’t. Neither can do it alone, so they’ll have to do it together.

    Devyat doesn’t have the experience or control a spacetrawler has, but a spacetrawler doesn’t have the power Devyat has. If they make a psychic link, they’ll have both, and can destroy the kreebrick.

    But afterward, they may be more of a threat than the kreebrick was. Mauricio may have to sacrifice himself and kill them with Jabby.

  4. AeonOfTime

    Oh, this so cracks me up.

    @Christopher, you manage to make me laugh on almost every page, and that’s quite a feat. I’m looking forward to the print version so I can add it to my Spacetrawler collection and re-read it from the beginning 😀

  5. Norman

    Just got here, after spending an eternity thinking this series was done and over – I’ve spent the last two days catching up, don’t tell my employer 🙂

    What [Werwolfe] said ….

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