10/18/17 Kreebrick Face-Off

Final face-off. What will happen, y’all? Who KNOWS??!!!!


  1. Jude

    Every time I finish reading the latest strip, I’m eager for the next one to come out. But this time, I’m beyond eager. This is a real cliffhanger – even if we just need to wait till Monday (or Sunday evening for me).

    Funny how I see animals in most things. The Kreebrick’s eyes in the 3rd panel remind me of the two largest eyes of a jumping spider – incidently that I find cute (jumping spiders, that is). In the 4th panel, the Kreebrick looks like a very happy frog, and in the 3rd last panel, its front appendages look like a seaturtle’s front swimming flippers. To be honest, although it may not seem be true for others, when I look at Mauricio, he reminds me of photos of you – without the fatalistic expression, of course.

    1. 0z79

      Good to see another poster here who thinks jumping spiders are just adorable. Never once been bitten by one, even when I close it in my hand to put it somewhere safe.

      It’s the only spider I’ve ever seen to lunge in my direction, only for me to find that it’s eating a tick that was going straight for my neck, maintaining very unconcerned eye-contact.. almost as if to say “You’re welcome!”. Good looking out, lil’ buddy!

      1. Dave

        OK. But I think Quincy Tinkle could take the Kreebrick in a fair fight. Mind you, Quincy would have many excuses to explain why it wasn’t fair if he lost. But the point stands. Quincy would stand up to this planet/universe eating bully.

  2. TB

    You know, I haven’t been watching the new Star Trek show, but I read this article:


    “In Sunday’s new episode, ‘Choose Your Pain,’ Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp), and Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) are figuring out how to save the Tardigrade creature powering the Discovery’s spore drive. Stamets comes up with an idea to transfer some Tardigrade DNA over into his body and power the drive himself.”

    “Spore drive?” Powered by an unwilling creature? I think somebody out there has been reading “Spacetrawler.” People who are more familiar with the show might want to weigh in on this.

    1. andreas

      (inconsequential) spoilers for discovery

      The drive isn’t so much powered by the creature, they’re supposedly using it to navigate the dense galactic net of fungi which can somehow grow in outer space. Seriously. Not metaphorically as a web of space-worthy life, we’re apparently talking actual threads of fungal DNA surviving in space in unbroken tangles throughout the galaxy. And somehow allowing for arbitrarily fast travel for reasons which have achieved escape velocity as well.

      Physics was the leading science in the previous century but now it’s molecular biology. Therefore they maroon biology into fulfilling the exact same role as physics (engines powered by technobabble), a crude categorical mistake.

      Unlike Spacetrawler, Discovery doesn’t take its own logic seriously. It is supposedly a prequel, yet it features this super-drive surfing on a galactic web-of-life that every federation ship gets sent plans to -> yet which nobody will ever talk about again in the trek universe. Luckily spacetrawlers are still a thing in spacetrawler πŸ˜‰ as we’re seeing just now.

      1. Muzhik

        Reminds me of the means of travel in the series “Andromeda” — “riding the rails between stars”. Maybe all the space fungi are sucked up by tribbles that got spaced and are just floating around, breeding.

      2. TB

        Again, I’m not watching the show, and nothing I’m hearing about it encourages me to do otherwise, but maybe the whole Fungi Freeway thing doesn’t show up in future Trek canon for the same reason as smooth-skinned Klingons. Something so horrible happened that nobody will talk about it afterward.

        Maybe the fungi web mutated, and created a case of explosive diarrhea across an entire galactic arm.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    I’d recommend Seth MecFarland’s “The Orville” now that show has the feel of Star Trek like it was a view of the future through the mental lens of today. With a few more jokes included. No, really it is closer to Rodenberry’s ideals and ideas than that mess that is “Discovery”. Also you don’t need to spend extra for streaming.

    As for today’s installment. Yes those two eyes at times reminds me of one of my favorite spider species. Little jumpers who hunt actively unlike most spiders who passively wait for something to be caught in their web. At times they seem to almost have reactions one could read.

    I like the partially amorphous shape of the Kreebrick which evokes all kinds of associations in the reader. That and its black mass with a face. It would look cute if it wern’t so huge and destructive. Cosmic abominations with cutesy faces. So disarming and so deadly. He would make such a gooey plushy. That and giant jumping spiders in silvers and greens and bug eyed hungriness…

    I just love this comic and your writing and drawing skills Christopher. I can imaging it as a tv series too. And a good one with its own special type of humor deep in space.

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