11/01/17 The Gounder


Setting the tone for part 2 of series 2. Sort of. It’ll actually be kinda fun. In parts. I’ll stop talking now.


  1. The Gorram Batguy

    Though his reign of crime was long and bloody, all things come to an end. It took years of hard work, but the forces of law and order eventually found a vulnerability in the gounder’s criminal network, and managed to arrest and execute him.
    After death by electrocution, the gounder was drawn and quartered. To further emphasize society’s contempt with his criminal ways, his body parts were then slathered with a curdled solution of animal proteins and sugars. Finally, to complete his ritual humiliation, his limbs were made into a sandwich and consumed (ironically by furryites).
    The memory of this great victory of law and order over evil is commemorated to this day in the popular sandwich known as the “quartered gounder with cheese”, though few remember its origins today.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Another lesson on how the abuse and willful neglect of executive power lets evil thrive until it becomes a threat to that power and its possible successor.

    Gee, doesn’t sound like OUR world at all, now does it?

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    And interesting history of a crime boss. Must be a genius to go so far from such primitive beginnings. And obviously has no quirms about killing. Makes for a better more effective crime boss. Maybe even a chess master kind.

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