12/06/17 Self-Mastery

(apologies the hour delay, for some reason the site didn’t auto-update, Fixed!)

Been doing a lot of drawing by hand this week. Mice for Patreon postcards, and birthday cards for family. I do like working digitally a lot, but my passion remains fairly analog.


  1. TB

    Just a technical art question: You’ve made no secret about using computerized backgrounds, but in most cases they seem to have irregular lines that make it hard to tell they weren’t hand-drawn.

    Do you trace the computer-generated backgrounds to add the “hand-drawn” style, or can your computer generate that?

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Hwan Choi is quite the mess. He knows he has slackered his way through life and now its like biting into a mud pie thinking it is chocolate. He is the mud pie who now wants to actually be chocolate, but has not a clue to solving it. He needs directions to get directions to do the things he needs to do to get where he wants to go. Yet he wants to be the stoic loner on that which is blindly stupid.

    Partial illumination isn’t much good without the rest of the caboodle.

    Seriously, why was he chosen again? Was it his fake reputation he BS’s on?

    1. Metaphizzle

      Why was he chosen? Nogg looked at his records and saw that he trained in every martial arts school in Korea. It never occurred to Nogg to wonder why one person would need to train at so many places, so he didn’t notice until too late that Hwan got kicked out of every one.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Hm. A lefthanded complimentary backhand. Or a complementary backhand by the left hand. Or a complement of assorted backhands left.

    In any case, Hwan’s a hand grenade that’s managed to swallow itself without first checking if the pin were in or out. That’s enough to make ME back away and surreptitiously seek cover, I can tell you. ‘Scuse me. (ducks)

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