12/11/17 Learning Bikkie


  1. Quasar

    Hi Christopher,

    today I deleted all my Patreon pledges, and I briefly wanted to explain why. It is nothing personal at all – I love your comic. It is just that Patreon recently sent an email to all existing patrons, explaining that they will unilaterally increase the amount of our pledges in an effort to increase the earnings of all of their creators. As much as I love the creators such as you, I don’t love Patreon, and I find their decision unethical. Therefore I have deleted all of my pledges with them. If there is some other, more ethical micropayment service you can use, I would be happy to continue supporting your work!

      1. Quasar

        Hi Christopher, it seems that Patreon has finally listened to its customers (and undoubtedly the bottom line) and after several days of pressure they have deactivated the self-destruct sequence (https://blog.patreon.com/not-rolling-out-fees-change/). So I have reinstated my pledges today. I hope that your other former supporters will do the same! I’m still open to switching to Drip, when that comes out of beta, and if it turns out to be better. (Meanwhile, Kickstarter seems to have missed an opportunity by not having Drip ready when Patreon decided to play roulette with its business model).

  2. Muzhik

    Why do I think Bikkie has a WONDERFUL future in corporate law?

    TO HIT!
    TO MATE!
    TO EAT!

    Pretty much sums up the corporate lawyers I’ve known. Using much more “genteel” language, of course.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Bikkie could be one hell of a natural leader. He has passion, and his sincerity is beyond all doubt. He’s also not afraid to get his hands (sic) dirty (sic!) doing the work. If he could find a way to make others take up his skills and his fight, there’s no limit to what he might be able to do.

    But lacking the desire to get others to do what he does, he remains the pawn of whoever finds a way to make his passion work for them. He’s lucky Anesu isn’t that type of person. So are a lot of other people, really.

    Now, if Joyce chose a path of action that required Bikkie’s unique skills… she might never have to bend an I-beam in her bare hands again.

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