12/13/17 Private Business




It was exciting to really use and walk through the model of the ship, not just to showcase it, but because it was needed for handling this strip. But it really kicked my butt. Phew! So worth it!



  1. Jude

    I, too, loved that snake head taking a look around. Houdini had nothing on Anesu. Her talent was wasted in the circus.

    I like the perspective of the ship, Chris. Took me a minute to figure out the 2 dark objects above Hwan’s and Bikkie’s head were vid screens until I moved to the next panels. I really enjoy scrutinizing your drawings almost as much as I do reading the story. It’s nice to have both good art and a good story together. Few webcomics do that.

  2. Peter Rogan

    On second thought, the combination of Anesu and Bikkie could be a leadership team quite terrifyingly beyond the imagination to find a way around. Neither accept boundaries, though Anesu would rather go around them and Bikkie punch and disembowel his way through them.

    I guess we all owe “Firefly” a debt for introducing the multi-level crew quarters. Though I can’t imagine how they’d handle anybody’s snoring problem, especially THIS crew.

  3. Muzhik

    She needs to swing over to Minneapolis and visit Uncle Hugo’s. No one would give her a second glance.

    Or better yet: Go to UNESCO’s City of Literature, aka Iowa City (in the Great State of Iowa!) Try out Prairie Lights Books for every single book ever published (mostly), or if you want collectables visit The Haunted Bookshop. Again, believe me, if she showed up during the Iowa City Book Festival she could pass herself off as a grad student from “out-of-state” and the worst that would happen is getting involved in a discussion of the merits of Mexican Magical Realism over Argentinean Magical Realism. But don’t get involved in any chess games. People have been stabbed over chess games.


  4. Night-Gaunt49

    The interior of the ship is so real that it looks like there is actual depth. And is almost a character itself.

    He should never have been altruistic with that group. He is way out of his league.

    That snake was a nice touch.

    1. Muzhik

      Nomi, I think it’s because no one has made any connections between the events on the three planets and the bags-o’-snakes. As far as they’re concerned, the snakes are just observing them.

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