12/20/17 Hwan Trains





I did a special silly b&w holiday comic for Patreon supporters. For everyone, PATREON has been a SUPER way to help me stabilize my tiny income, and I encourage all to support me through that avenue (or any of your favorite creators).

A Koeksister is a South African dessert made of fried dough infused in syrup or honey. I mean, really, right? Mmmm. 🙂



  1. Thanks a lot, Chris. Now I’ve got a hankering for them and not about to start making them at 10:30 tonight. Tomorrow, it’ll have passed and I’ll bake something a little less time-consuming.

    Have I mentioned already (okay, more than a few times), how much I love Anesu? Her almost perpetual hypomania is very inspiring! ????

  2. Leinglo

    If Hwan’s insistent on truly improving he could always just have the ship medibot equip him with superhuman strength and reflexes. He might not even need to get actual bionics to do it either.

  3. Muzhik

    I get the feeling it’s easier and just as messy to make funnel cakes. The powdered sugar will make them just as sticky.

    Hey, that might make a good marketing slogan: Earth. The dark planet that is perfect for serving up your just desserts.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    The Koeksister does sound scrumptious. And thanx for a color photo of it Chris. The rest I will just have to imagine…

    Hwan really does’t have the speed does he? He may not have had the power to stop it, but he might have made it go off course or ducked or both. Sure getting augmented would make him faster and less prone to being hurt from larger opponents punching them. He might want to think about it. However staying on Earth with that may be a problem since there will be no servicing of them, their augmentations.

  5. Peter Rogan

    You can get bound up in ‘technique’ and forget a straight shot from the shoulder can floor you. As every contest between a martial-arts ‘expert’ and an ordinary street fighter has proven to date. Your ‘watchful crane’ means nothing if it can’t keep a fist from your face.

    Incapacitation by dessert, though, is very hard to block, however slowly it comes.

    1. Muzhik

      @Peter Rogan, reminds me of the iconic scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Indiana Jones is supposed to be fighting this guy with a huge sword in the marketplace, and the choreography just isn’t working. Finally, Harrison Ford, who is fighting a stomach bug, says, “Look! I’ve been carrying this gun all the time. Why don’t I just shoot him.” Which is what they did, and Ford was able to go back to the hotel and be sick.

    2. Galane

      I don’t care how good a person is at martial arts, if they’re facing an opponent who can get a solid grip on a limb, has lots of strength and plenty of muscle to absorb some punishment, Mr. Kung Fool is gonna get broken.

      “Instead of attacking one at a time, let’s just dogpile him then pound him.”

      Speaking of Kung Fu, it’s the most weapon heavy of martial arts, with at least 40 different ones. Yet in the two “Kung Fu” TV series, David Carradine never swings anything other than a stick. The training with various pole arms would work for that, but what about the rest? Surely a Kung Fu master would’ve trained with at least 15 or 20 of the weapons and could apply those skills to everyday objects of similar size and shape.

      1. Bonker of Things

        Kung Fu is not a martial arts at all, it’s an umbrella term which means “great skill” and is used for over 100 different techniques (some with real fighting value and some which are just choreographed dance). It can, technically, even be applied to any other skill which one has mastered, though most people will complain if one does as the name is so tightly connected to martial arts and incredibly misused in (western) media.

  6. Mandarb

    Fun to read about one of my favourite treats in one of my favourite comics.
    My mom made koeksisters a couple of days ago. One of those things you need to keep yourself from eating too much.
    Not that hard to make, although labour intensive. Plenty of recipes on the internet.

      1. Bonker of Things

        Being not from Amerca, I never heard of you until I accidentally stumbled upon Spacetrawler the other week. It’s both lucky and a shame: A shame that I didn’t know about you before as your awesome story and excellent art sucked me in like Kreebrick, lucky as I now have a fairly large archive to read through and won’t have to wait for updates :3
        Awesome Job!

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