01/03/18 Flyp Persuades


    1. andreas

      Well, ebooks suddenly feel like an almost adequate substitute – their very tastelessness and indigestibility, not to mention ease of copying, speak volumes, so to speak.

      You may beat up my co-pilot now?

  1. Night-Gaunt49

    At least you are keeping two-thirds. Several times I have had to move and got to bring just a small amount of my stuff. Much I will never get to replace. I am sorry for your loss. How about a storage locker?

    Oh I too am puzzled and bumbfuzzled that none of the crew is there to put this bully in the air lock along with cutting up his pet.

  2. Nomi

    You should get rid of the second comma in the last panel. “… to hurt Jibbz.” Otherwise it seems like Pilot’s addressing Jibbz, or thinks the spiny slug is named Jibbz, or something. It actually confused me for a moment there.

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