01/08/18 Snake Skin


  1. Leinglo

    You’d think those Slinten Pods would know to just cut the crap when it’s blindingly obvious that nobody is buying it. Are they operating on TF2 Spy logic? So long as nobody’s setting them on fire they consider their cover intact?

    1. Z2

      Given how Joyce is getting into it, and also feeling foggy, they might have low key psychic nonsense helping their disguise out. It would be a weirdly sensible thing to have for a lifeform that’s apparently one being in like 50 bodies.

  2. Jude

    “Did you ever wonder how the inhabitants of the Dauthaar system fell for the Slinten Pods (bags-o-snakes) with skin condtions?”

    – VERY bad eyesight (Have you seen those little eyes? They’re not even compound eyes!)
    – faulty tactile sensation (plus aversion to touching them since their ‘fur’ looks funny)
    – conveniently looking away every time a snake head pops out
    – assuming the ‘we’ each used in speech must be the “royal we”
    – and finally, Dauthaarians are simply very stupid

    Hey, it can happen to anyone. ????

    BTW, Chris, your certificate for security has run out. Your site is no longer secure (https:)

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