01/24/18 Jabby’s Plans


  1. I suppose that if there used to be a crew on this ship that there might be some clothes laying around in a dresser or closet or stateroom someplace. Short of drugs I find it relaxing being at least mostly clothed, just in case of unexpected visitors.

    Right, Jabby would handle the unjust company with no further embarrassment than has already happened.

    Glad to find this comic again, it fell off my bookmarks for some reason.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    “No one said the fucking A.I. would be a devious bastard!”

    Turned out its programming wasn’t what Mauricio expected. And now too late to take back. I wonder what the crew compliment was of that starship? More to weigh on poor Mauricio’s mind. A devil’s wager kind of interpretation of things so that it can kill. Kill-kill-kill only it never says that. Always cool, calm and sneaky as Satan himself. I feel sorry for the next starship crew when they die needlessly.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Jabby disturbs me more and more the longer he keeps Mauricio alive. It’s plain his intention is to get Mauricio to agree with all that Jabby wants, but what exactly does Jabby want? His idle but portentous mention of his pursuit of ‘justice’ simply fills me with dread. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    Rules beget logic, and logic begets the search for meaning, and the search for meaning tends to lead, recursively, to justifying the rules which one must obey. Or finding the reason they must be discarded for a new set of rules. Either prospect is more than chilling for a murderous non-biological rationalizing entity like Jabby. At what point does he concede that he is the only ‘justice’ the Galaxy needs or wants or will have? Where will his ambition take him then?

    I have to wonder when he might decide he needs more materiel to work with than Mauricio can provide. And whether that means extending his presence to more than one being. And whether that other being gets a part of Jabby, or a new Jabby. I fear the former far more than the latter; more Jabbies in the Galaxy could mean they war against each other until there is only one. But I’m also aware that Jabby’s ability to rationalize its actions can simply lead to a universe where nothing lives but Jabbys hunting down each other for imagined slights against ‘justice.’

    I think I will have a drink now and stop thinking about this.

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